Alvin Linzy Grand Master Biography

10th Dan - International Taiho Jutsu

7th Dan - Shorei Goju Ryu System

1965: Joined the United States Navy, was stationed in Washington. D.C. Met Bernard Gilbert, Sensei in Arlington, Virginia, in December of 1965. This was my introduction to Taiho Jutsu.

1967: Was stationed in Norfolk. Virginia and continued my studies with Bernard Gilbert Sensei until I was shipped out to Vietnam.

1968: Returned state side and was stationed in Norfolk. Virginia where I found that Bernard Clilbert, Sensei had shipped out for Vietnam. Discharged, came home, began training with an old friend, Lionel Jones Sensei.

1969: Signed up at the Chicago Judo and Karate Association located in Roseland, Illinois on Michigan Avenue. My first Sensei there was Patrick Goddard, his teacher was John Konsovick and his Sensei was John Keehan. The Director of the school was Gene Wyka.

1970: Received Shodan from Lionel Jones Sensei in Karate-Do (Gojo Ryu).

1971: Received my Yonkyu Karate-Do Goju Ryu from Wayne Washington Sensei, who I started with at the Chicago Judo and Karate Association. Wayne Washington Sensei and Ron Washington Sensei are both very close friends of mine.

1976: Met Charles Plaines Sensei in downtown Chicago, Illinois at the United States School of Law Enforcement. I began training under Charles Plaines, Sensei in Shotokan and Taiho Jutsu at the YMCA Hotel, in Chicago, Illinois where I found an old friend of mine, Bill Brown who was training there as well. I found out that Plaines, Sensei and Bernard Gilbert, Sensei knew each other very well and did a lot of training together while in and out of the military. They were both part of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) also found out that Bernard Gilbert Sensei had returned to Maryland.

1977: Returned to Maryland where I trained in Taiho Jutsu under Gilbert Sensei. Awarded my Shodan in Taiho Jutsu by Bernard Gilbert Sensei.

1978: Returned to Chicago, Illinois continued training and stayed in contact with Bernard Gilbert Sensei.

1982: Received my Sondan from Bernard Gilbert Sensei in Taiho Jutsu.

1993: Followed Charles Plaines Sensei to Waukegan, Illinois and from there I never left his side. We traveled everywhere together. I assisted him in training sessions, we attended tournaments together.

1994: Received my Shodan in Shotokan from Charles Plaines Sensei. Received my Godan in Taiho Jutsu from Bernard Gilbert Sensei.

1995: Opened a school in Harvey, Illinois, Asian Ways, teaching Shotokan. Began training under Dennis Perdue, Sensei in Hosinul, a Korean art and Preston Baker Sensei and Otis Baker Sensei in Shorei Goju Ryu. Trained under Dennis Perdue Sensei and Bob Schwartz Sensei in Tai Chi Chaun. Received my Shodan from Dennis Perdue Sensei and my Shodan from Presston Baker Sensei and Otis Baker Sensei. The school was open for five years.

1996: Received my Shodan from John Townsley Sensei in Ryu Kyu Jui jitsu.

1997: Received my Nidan Shotokan Japan Ways, Joseph Mathis, Jr.

1998: Received my Sandan from Dennis Perdue Sensei and my Nidan from Preston Baker Sensei and Otis Baker Sensei.

1999: Received Pankration Number Twenty from Tom Savano Sensei. Received Sandan, Shotokan Japan Ways, Joseph Mathis, Jr.

2001: Received Yodan, Shotokan Japan Ways, Joseph Mathis. Jr.

2003: Received Fourth Kyu from the United States Jujitsu Federation, Bruce Bethers Sensei.

2004: Received Godan in Goju Ryu from Preston Baker Sensei and Otis Baker Sensei.

2005: Received Godan Shotokan, Japan Ways, from Joseph Mathis Jr. Shichidan.

2006: Received 7* Dan Master Instructor Examiner Shichidan Taiho Jutsu, Bernard Gilbert Sensei.

2008: Received my Judan in Taiho Jutsu from the International Taiho Jutsu Federation, Bernard Gilbert Sensei.

2009: Received Grand Master Certification from the International Taiho Jutsu Federation, Bernard Gilbert Sensei; received Shichidan from Preston Baker Sensei and Otis Baker Sensei.

2010: Opened school of marital arts Far Eastern Arts Academy, 7316 South Racine, Chicago, Illinois 60636, in honor of Charles L. Plaines Sr. Sensei.

Professional Memberships and Honors

President, United States Taiho Jutsu Federation

Senior Technical Advisor, International Taiho Jutsu Federation

General Secretary, Midwest International Referee Council

Member at Large, United States of America Karate Federation (USAKF)

Lifetime Member, United States Karate Do Ki (USKK)

Lifetime Member, United Martial Arts Association (UMAA)

Lifetime Member, Japan Ways

Member at Large, Hwa Rang Do Federation

ASEP certified leader level coach

Licensed regional and state referee

Licensed national judge

President Far Eastern Arts Academy

Member at Large United States Judo Association (USJA)


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