The primary goal of learning to do battle is to achieve harmony and balance. The martial artist, properly taught, will be of sound character and a credit to his family and community.

We believe in maintaining the integrity of the martial arts by teaching both their mental and physical dimensions – comprising such qualities as balance, strength, self-control and humility. In our classes, students are taught that the most important aspect of the martial arts is a continuous striving for perfection, and that studying and practicing the arts properly is an infinite challenge that will contribute to other aspects of life and lead to personal growth and satisfaction.

We value the benefits that each of the Eastern disciplines has to offer, and make available a wide range of arts. This allows each individual to be guided toward the environment best suited to his or her purpose. It also allows a serious student of one system to supplement his or her training with other systems that provide a facet of training he or she needs to develop

We believe in teaching inner peace in conjunction with the use of force. Training in the martial arts should allow people to live more securely, but those who learn these skills take on the responsibility of using their art with discretion and respect, and to resort to combative measures only when absolutely necessary. The most effective delivery of power stems not from anger but from inner peace and calmness.

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